Receiving mail and packages

When ordering items to be shipped to you:

  • Make sure you (or your parents) provide your full shipping address to the vendor.
  • If the address on the vendor's mail, PosLaju, Nationwide Express, UPS, or FedEx label does not include the d/a UniStorage address and box number (student id) as shown below, it will most likely be delayed.
  • Learn about on-campus mail services.

  • Official UniStorage mailing address for students:
    Student Name or Id #
    d/a UniStorage,
    Pusat Mahasiswa (PUMA)
    Kampus Kesihatan
    Universiti Sains Malaysia, 
    16150 Kubang Kerian
  • NOTE: Please put your contact number.
  • Students living on campus are assigned mailboxes through their Student Campus Mail office.
  • Student mail is delivered the same day as Mail Services receives it from the UniStorage Service.
  • Junk mail, such as coupons and free samples, is not delivered.
  • Make sure everyone who sends you mail has your full name and address, including your student Id number.
    • Remind friends and family to use your full name (no nicknames) and your correct address when sending you mail. Incorrectly addressed mail will be delayed or returned.
    • Remember to notify contacts, vendors, friends, and family of your address changes.
      • Always include a return address on all of your mail.
      • Do not ship or mail to a student’s residence hall.
      • Please use the registered name of the student on all mail pieces.
      • Use pre-printed address labels and return labels on all mail, or please write legibly.
      • NEVER SEND CASH INSIDE THE MAIL OR CAMPUS MAIL!!! If you choose to send cash it will be at your own risk! Student Campus Mail Services will not be responsible for cash sent through postal or campus mail. Cash should always be delivered in person.
      • Insure important items for the value of the contents. They will not pay for more than the item / items are worth.
      • Please use some type of tracking media (Signature Confirmation, Certified or Registered) if you are sending anything of critical importance, such as passports, credit cards, medicine, glasses, checkbook, etc.
      • Policy on refrigerated items. 
        All refrigerated items will be held 5 business days. If the item is not picked up or we have not heard from you by the 5th business day it will be returned to sender. We will not give 2nd notifications or contact you again.


UniStorage, Pusat Mahasiswa (PUMA),Kampus Kesihatan, Universiti Sains Malaysia, 16150 Kubang Kerian.

Ms Shashawani (+609) 7460762

SMS Pre-Alert number + 011 3391 8004

                                     + 011 3519 9367

Hours of Operation:

Sun-Thu:  9:00 am - 6:00 pm

Sat:  9:00 am - 1:00 pm

We are closed when Public Holiday is closed. 

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